About this blog.

I am posting fashion, beauty tips, some pictures, and debates about controversial topics and things that come up in my own life. Please comment and follow, it's very much appreciated!

About Me

I want you guys to be able to get to know me, so I'm adding this short page.
I am Laura. I'm twelve years old, and I love fashion, debating, writing, and makeup.
I am constantly looking at fashion shows and shopping online. When I'm offline, my brain buzzes with the excitement of creating new amazing outfits and designing clothes. I am a trendsetter, and you could say I set the style for the rest of my school.
As far as debating goes, I'm known for harshly expressing my strong political views and I am capable of intelligent conversation and persuasion. I love expressing my opinion about controversial topics and anything else I feel like talking about at the time.
I enjoy writing about topics I love, such as fashion, makeup, and politics. I love how, through writing, I can make myself seem much more intelligent.
I am an aspiring makeup artist, and I truly am good at applying makeup, though I limit my work to going natural. I research and read about makeup legends such as Pat McGrath and Gucci Westman, and have even emailed them. I love how their work is so intricate and beautiful and they do it so easily.My friends are constantly begging me to share my makeup tips.
I also play tennis and compete in spelling bees, national french contests, state and regional math contests, and a few regional essay contests. I am good at tennis for my age, and I will most likely play on varsity in high school. My records for all my contests I've been in are endless,so I'll spare you the boredom. I'll just say I do succeed very very often at things like these, which I put my mind to do.
So there you have it. That's me.